Importance of Knowing your Customers

How well do you know your customers? This is a question that most marketers must bravely ask themselves before launching a campaign. They must realize the importance of knowing your target market before targeting them. Many companies and business owners lost money and even become unsuccessful penetrating a market that they could not even fathom to understand. People should first realize the behaviour and habits of these people to be noticed by them.

Here’s some of the tips to know how your target market thinks:

  1. Be your target market

Probably the easiest way to know them is to be them because by joining them you see what they see. If your target is the cool party guys, try to join the fun so much that you can learn their insights or even their priorities and the things they want.

They say that the best business companies are run by people who belong in the same circle like Bill Gates who knew a lot about computers since he was very young and he knows a lot of people in the circle to ask about. It might be hard to penetrate circles like athletic clubs if you’re not really athletic but try to experience it once in a while.

Nobody would buy badminton rackets from your sporting goods business if you don’t even know what a good tension for the strings are. People are not trusting more now since there is Google and you might be ridiculed for not knowing what you’re saying.

  1. Use Tools to Know Your Target Market

There are several tools to know you target market, an old school tool is to ask and interview them or even befriend them. Some pros survey the market, but this is quite a problem if the target market do not want to be talked to.

One thing is you can also know and reach out for them online. Tools like Facebook can help you single out your target market. Launching Facebook ads is a supreme tool to know your customers but if you do not have the money to spend for that, you could try to look at your direct competitors fans and gauge your performance to them.

You could also watch your competitors strategy and probably learn from their mistakes but definitely go on a different path so maintain a unique customer proposition.

  1. Hire a Person Who Knows THEM

Probably the easiest way to know you market is to have someone who fully understands them. It’s like pulling someone who has the valued connections. The difficult thing with this one is that they have an asking value; they don’t come cheap.

Also, a word of caution, never ever entrust them the whole thing. You must use them and learn from them, keep tabs on their job and take care of them as an employee. A major problem that happens is that if THAT person leaves, the whole company is left in shambles.

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