Let Us Tell You About the Basics of SEM


Search Engine Marketing (SEM). This is probably one the terms that most people misuse or do not fully understand, First off, they have heard about Search engine Optimization (SEO) and then there is SEM.

We understand that there could be  a lot of sources out there that can really explain these and there are even video on how to utilize both, but really, let us tell you this one little secret here: when you do search for this stuff and listen or read and even watch a video, you are actually consuming SEM and SEO. You haven’t realized it yet but these terms are hiding in plain sight!

Let us introduce you to another term which is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. This is another term but to simply give you a perspective, SEM is a bucket term that houses both the SEO and PPC strategies so that a certain  business stays on top of the online world.

What is SEM?

Any company that produces content would want clients to see them and visit their web pages. SEO is a means to create content that will produce organic traffic. Traffic is the number of visitors. The higher traffic, the more profitable and well-advertised a company becomes. SEO takes a longer time to take effect. Now, organic in the Internet world means visits that are free. Thus, experts would need to incorporate different techniques so that a website comes up on top of search results.

Meanwhile, SEM  means paying so that your website gets that traffic you are aiming for. A search engine would post advertisement about you and your product and service. Now, PPC just like SEO is another strategy under SEM. People clicks, you get paid and they get converted as clients..

How Do they Do It?

Now, for this to work, this would involve equation. SEM requires companies to invest and create marketing strategy so that the amount they invest in could give them returns. This computation weighs in several factors and here is where an expert comes in. We can say that pay-per-click in the Philippines can be challenging as the people here are meticulous when it comes to what they would be paying for, thus, you would need a company that can craft a really good and engaging marketing plan so that people trust you and click on whatever advertisement they see. So, if you would like to penetrate this part of the globe, it is good to partner  with an SEM company from the Philippines as they would know how to actually tap into people’s attention and convert them to  real followers.

Now, SEM is not just flash-in-the-pan type of technique if you do want your business to prosper. It should take careful planning. It involves market research, writing a really clear ad, and launching and monitoring the result of this campaign. This only means recreating better plans to make this work out for longer and to keep managing funds. Now, if a company wants this to be successful, an expert has to supervise it.

Free traffic? That is SEO. Paid and long lasting traffic? That is SEO and PPC combined. SEM? That is the mother term.

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