YouTube Advertising

Why Go for It?

Grab your audience’s attention before they skip on it! YouTube is the primary go-to source of almost all online users for video materials and references. Oftentimes, they even use it as a tool to market themselves as an individual. Your business can also utilize the value of promoting your products and services through conceptualized video contents. More than just creating your own video channels and producing your own materials, there’s more to maximizing YouTube as a platform for marketing and advertising.


iDigital Solutions can help you promote in-stream ads and in-display ads to give better exposure to your target audience – what with YouTube’s 1.4 billion users, right? Same as other social media sites, YouTube has a feature to select specific information about your target audience so you can reach them more effectively. Our experts value the first 5-seconds of your YouTube ad, so people will not skip a skippable advertisement.



Benefits of Youtube Advertising

Better Reach

YouTube has billions of users worldwide. Your brand’s visibility on their website gives you an advantage to instantly reach them.

Better Rankings

Since Google owns YouTube, your marketing on their website gives you’re a better opportunity to rank on Google search pages.

Better Customer Feedback

YouTube has comments section where you can get feedback from your audiences.

Better Targeting

Personalized your reach with YouTube Ads’ preference settings and features.

Better Sharing Capabilities

YouTube uses a format that is compatible in most websites. Your content can be shared on social media networks and can be embedded on your own content.

Still Unsatisfied? Watch this video

YouTube  is part of Google AdWords Display Network and it’s the second largest search engine. YouTube video ads can help you connect with potential customers in a unique and memorable way. With YouTube advertising, it’s very easy to measure the success of your campaign unlike in traditional advertising where it’s impossible to determine if you have really reached your target audiences.With Google AdWords, you have free access to analytics reports.


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